Newton’s Nonet!

Newton's Nonet is an interactive multi media performance in which drummer Tim Zhou performs a series of percussive improvisations alongside the Gravity Synth. A machine created by artists Miller Klitser and Dylan Karlsson, the Gravity Synth is a large ambient synthesizer that uses the inertia of a series of a giant Newton's cradles to build its harmonies. Audience members are encouraged to swing and stop the objects hanging from each cradle and experiment with the different sounds during the performance.

Photos of performance at Royce Terrace in Royce Hall, November 3, 2022

Bravo Drive
2016, 2019

Built out of several junkyard parts, Bravo Drive is a car-like interface that turns driving into a musical, visual performance. The driver is able to use the radio, the gas pedals, and the steering wheel to score and direct a short opera

Read more about it on the UCLA Game Lab Blog

See it featured in AUTOBODIES, 2019

a page from the original ‘Instruction Manual’ from Machinic Unconcious at the New Wight Gallery, 2016



A short puzzle game 

(currently just a physics tech demo)


A short sequence inspired by several notes in the day planner I found in the middle of the intersection on Wilshire and Sepulveda

2020 Unknown

Art Installation

Unknown is a procedural installation where news headlines and—through emotion recognition— viewers’ emotional responses to them, are interpreted as celestial objects and born into a simulation of a new ‘universe’. At the end of each day of the exhibition, the universe is reduced into a 3d model small enough to fit in one’s hand, and displayed throughout the gallery. From Beijing Artist YIN Xiuzhen’s vision, I and several other technologists from CAC (Chronus Art Center) collaborated on the project, each taking on one part of the assembly line of this massive procedural art piece. I took over the universe simulation, which hour by hour, took in the abstract images and parameters generated by the news headlines and emotion data, and created stars, planets, and supernova that would orbit eachother

the installation was shown at the ZHI Art Museum from 19.09.2020 - unknown as a part of CAC’s A&T@ Program.

photo credit: CAO Daxu

read more about it here

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