Stu’s stream

Stu’s stream is a youtube playlist that parodies algorithmically ordered video services through its presentation and production. All video content was made in as pure a form of improvisation as possible, in an attempt to replicate the infinite free-associative way that youtube and other streaming services’ algorithms send viewers from one piece of ‘content’ to the next. In recent years, these algorithms have shown how much they dictate the very creation of the content they control, giving rise to infamously absurd skits and songs with the sole purpose of satisfying their search-engine optimized titles. With Stu’s Stream, I wanted to embody and re-humanize this computerized stream of conciousness in which content is strung together, and while doings so, create it in a mindless state that is similar to the one in which it is consumed.

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originally shown in ‘campfire format’ in AUTHENTICATION ERROR [Solved] @ EDA, 2018